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Chairman Message

Chairman of Quotations:
There are three kinds of people, one person that will be , will be forced to a human , a human how to teach will.
Rehan busy time out , when not busy cold sweats .
Only unprofitable enterprises , which did not make money in the industry.
Low-key life , high-profile work .
Only think , not impossible .
Intentions to behave, act with wisdom .

Chairman Message
Eight years ago, Yu Yang embarked on a large piece of vibrant land of the Bohai Sea ,
Since then, witnessed a rapid development of the miracle.
Along the way, how much wind and rain,
8 years, Yuyang insists leads the way in the development of harmony and happiness ,
Step by step, down ; step a leap, never-ending ,
Practice the human , natural, corporate harmony ,
Development to achieve a perfect rhythm and pulse of the city resonate ,
Create a civilized and peaceful family.
Today, Yu Yang has become a happy and harmonious development of the city of the vane,
More and more people with lofty ideals here sweat and realize their dreams ;
More and more people here had the honor of being harvested , to grow .
I have no people , I have fine ,
Yuyang development miracle did not stop , is sailing toward new glory ......

Entrepreneurial experience :
In 1990, the city government office in Beijing Binzhou office ;
1994 , the establishment of Beijing Li Xinyuan catering company ;
In 1998 , the establishment of the North Gate Ltd. Binzhou City , agents selling aluminum profiles and aluminum doors and windows processing business ;
2000 , the establishment of Shandong Province Yu Yang Decoration Materials Co. ;
2003 , and a joint venture in Taiwan source Binzhou Yuyang Group Aluminum Co. , chairman ;
2010 , the establishment of Dalian Zhuang Real Estate Co. , chairman ;
2011 , established zhanhua Yan Yu Food Co., Ltd. , chairman ;
2011 , the establishment of Binzhou Yu Tai Real Estate Co. , chairman ;
Zhang Lijun Love in 1993 after graduating from the University of Agriculture , assigned to the Binzhou City Beijing office , the same year was named " advanced worker", "job model" and other honorary titles . Working time of the year in Beijing , his dedication , and constantly enhance learning, into business at the time of the tide , find a point of departure for their own life - founded their own company. He self-financed more than 10 million handled in 1994 created the Beijing Xinyuan leave without pay after the catering company ; 1998 , he made a home not forget the home crowd , the home to support their own economic development should contribute to a force , he abandoned business is booming Beijing catering company , founded back Binzhou Binzhou City North Gate Industry Co., Ltd. , the main agent selling aluminum profiles , aluminum doors and windows processing business. After more than two years of struggle, evolved into the largest windows and doors factory in Binzhou , created by the beginning of the company's fixed assets 100 million yuan to 10 million yuan to solve the urban and 150 jobs. In 2000, he was a keen eye sight aluminum building materials market, in order to advance the vision , courage and wisdom , created Yangxin Yu Yang Decorative Materials Co. , in 2004 , he believed , Shandong Province Yang Yu Yang Decoration Materials Co., Company and Taiwan source Binzhou Group Mr. Lin Fugui Yuyang Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established with registered capital of $ 5.8 million , is now in Yangxin County , Binzhou City, Chen F, the largest industrial park of Taiwan-funded high-tech enterprises. Covers an area of 300 acres, 100 million yuan in fixed assets , the existing staff more than a thousand people , has become a bright spot for the industrial park . 2010 Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in Dalian Dazhuang . 2011 established Zhanhua Yan Yu Food Co., Ltd. , founded in the same year, Yu Tai Real Estate Co., Ltd. Binzhou City .
Binzhou City Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs ;
Municipal People's Congress ;
Outstanding party members ;
Shandong Construction Machinery Association, the fifth building profiles Accessories Adhesive Professional Committee , deputy director ;
Shandong Construction Machinery Association, executive director of the Fifth Council ;