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Chinese spirit

China 's reform and opening era of spirit is spirit and patriotism.
Any one country , in the process of modernization , almost without exception, to carry forward the spirit of their own nation .
Chinese nation has a long history and cultural traditions and distinctive personality of the nation, in the past history, the development of human civilization who made indelible contributions. This is where having five years of splendid Chinese civilization , in the long history of development, will inevitably have a kind of dominant position , plays a decisive role in the basic spirit .
This basic spirit is profound Chinese culture, and a complete and rigorous Shensui Sinology thinking of an oriental cast out of Heaven unique yin and yang , authentic rigid , humanity and love of country Lutheran ( investigation of things , extension of knowledge , sincerity , Zhengxintai , self, family ) An Bangping world of truth. This became my nation 's ideological foundation and continuation of the development of intrinsic motivation , but also to maintain my nation unity, self-reliance, self-reliance, entrepreneurial spirit pillar and strength, is the only way to national prosperity .
China can not stop the rise of the potential , the irreversible trend of the times , deepening reform and innovation . I'm twenty-first century will become the glorious era of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation . Great " China Dream" will also in my beautiful and fertile land of China successfully achieved .